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Psychic Indian Healer


Psychic Readings

A spiritual reading is where the reader connects with you on a spiritual level, Using thier gifts and the vibes they pick up from you. A spiritual reading is reading into the minds eye and seeing what is really going on. This type of reading will tell you things about yourself only you thought you knew. And, be able to tell you the negatives and positives around you. 

Crystal Readings

A crystal reading can be done and is usually done through power crystals which are usually quartz, amethyst, smoky and rose quartz. There are over 1,100 crystals and minerals I feel God has given us to be able to use to our benefit. During a reading depending on what that person wants to know, their energy will transmit energy to the reader and then the reader will be able to see past, present, and future events.
A crystal reading is a sufficient way to know the good balance of energy and also what to be aware of in the negative energy it will pick up on. If you need answers to some of life’s hardest questions, a crystal reading is a good source of information as it connects with the earth and the energy of the universe as well as Mother Nature!  

Tarot Readings

A Tarot reading is a reading where the reader use's ancient Tarot. A Fine art connecting with the person that is reading on a spiritual level. Tarot gives us Graphics, pictures, and words to go by. It makes a Tarot reading a more detailed reading on events, births, times, places, etc. And also speaks on poeple around you. Poeple often categorize Tarot with Witch Craft which is completely untrue. Sophia reads from the Lord and if you read these cards from your heart with no intent to harm anyone you are not using witch craft of any sort.

Palm Readings

A Palm readings is going by the lines in your hands. Dated back to biblical times. Your hands and palms carry distictive facts about yourself, your spouse or lover, your children, Also reads your Past, Present, and Future very accurately. Since their your palms and no one else's this would make sense. There are a few main lines in your palms that readers go by. Heart line, Head line, Life line, Fate line, and success line.